Teigan Tomlinson

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Magazine / Identity / 3 More Weeks


The theme for my magazine project was rock genre and the magazine I created these images for was Rolling Stone magazine. The message from my work here is to spread the idea of standing out and being individual. My aim was to represent an up and coming star by having portraits which are editorial and also have a rock feel to them. This reflects the individuality of my subjects' music as I wanted to show a new wave of rock, by mixing both elements of rock such as a leather jacket with modern fashion. The purpose of my magazine was to also advertise a guitar and the brand of Epiphone, to help promote this, I had a mixture of close up product shots and images with my model and the guitar.


I shot environmental portraits of subjects currently completing masters degrees in Archaeology at the university of York. They also have an interest in viking reenactment, I aimed to show both of these elements of my subject in one image. I shoot on location outdoors in York, and used the old buildings which would have been around during the period my subjects reenact. This gives historical accuracy and also adds context to the images. I wanted to capture the subjects in their normal environment for the viking reenactment, I shot posed images with scenery in the background and my subject surrounded by their equipment.

3 More weeks

I shot in a photojournalistic style, that shows my family's day to day life during quarantine. My aims for this project were to show how my family coped with the changing situations, much like many other families across England. This was my own way of documenting how COVID-19 has affected us as a family, whilst not breaking government guidelines. I wanted my series of images to tell a personal story about these times, as it is a big part in our history.

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3 More weeks
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