Rachel McCall

L3 Art - Extended Diploma in 3D Design


Sustainable Co-Housing for the Homeless

Throughout the seven units I have learnt many new skills allowing the quality of my model to be of higher quality. The main area I have learnt new skills are within the computing side of the design process, done on Photoshop, Illustrator and CAD. Been taught how to draw isometric drawings now allows me to place a design I have in my head into a visual and to experiment with different colour pallets, which I couldn’t do at the start of the course. From working my way up to a distinction level I have learnt what content makes a good sketch book design. The sustainability project was my favourite project to carry out, there for it has influences my choice to focus on Architecture in my FMP. My aim in this project is to create a housing solution within Sheffield City Centre. I this a large issue within the City Centre and needs to be focused on. The solution needs to be effective and inexpensive. These houses will accommodate the homeless around Sheffield so they need to be inexpensive to run. To do this I will be looking into sustainable energy and inexpensive building materials that can create modern sustainable homes and my knowledge on sustainability from previous projects. The location will be on an empty plot of land outside Sheffield train station, as it is a central location within the city with easy access to public transport and resources. I will portray my final outcome through a model made from plywood and acrylic. I will look at the way Healey City Farm uses sustainable energy and how I can use that within my design. Modernism will be one of the main themes I research, as I want a clean, sleek look to the exterior of my design. I will be keeping a note book recording and displaying a time table of what I will be doing and the process I take to come to my final design for my sustainable co-housing for the homeless.

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