Phoebe Featherstone

Foundation Art



My project is focused on portraits and the people behind them, specifically the relationship that the artist has with the person they are portraying and how this affects the work. I really wanted to think about the people behind the paintings and the interactions that take place during this process. I also decided to research self-portraits, how the artists outlook on themselves impacts how they choose to portray themselves. This ultimately resulted in my final piece, consisting of two paintings: a self-portrait, and a painting of my boyfriend Ryan.

My goal with this work was to focus on the people in the artwork, I wanted Ryan to be involved in his portrait and I wanted both paintings to be a physical personification of our personalities, intended to complement each other as a pair whilst also succeeding as standalone pieces. These portraits allowed me to capture a little bit of individuality and personality as well as a real-life relationship and transfer it onto canvas.

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