Paige Moore

Creative Practice – L6 Graphic Design


Paws In Hand Sanctuary & Volunteering

The dog meat trade is something many may consider cruel and senseless. However, some consider the meat as a delicacy or even for medicinal purposes. The most common concern with this issue is, how do we solve it? That’s the thing, we may never be able to. This is a battle of cultural ethics that may never be solved.

The Paws in Hand Sanctuary was designed to battle stigma, protest for change, and raise awareness. A combination of the classic volunteering holiday and animal sanctuary. Paws in Hand battles to build lost trust charities once had, by inviting donators to experience for themselves what their hard-earned money can achieve. The sanctuary itself is no ordinary charitable organisation, to reignite this lost trust, Paws in Hand offers intensive courses where volunteers can earn certification in selected fields (such as grooming and canine first aid). Its purpose was to deviate from the overly saturated tactics used by charities to gain new donors, such as shock factor, which is often ignored, and give volunteers a reason for visiting.

Ultimately my outcomes for this project consisted of; branding, website design, animated advertisement & social media mock-ups. In order to create a believable charity all bases were covered to reach a diverse range of people with one thing in common, they all love dogs.

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Website mockup - Animated Loading Page GIF
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Website mockup - Health and safety
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Website mockup - Meet the dogs 1
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Website Mockup - Animated Homepage
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Website mockup - Meet the dogs 2
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Website mockup - Navigation bar
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Morgan and Bruce mockup
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Website mockup - Volunteer 1
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Website mockup - Volunteer 2
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Hope's Great Escape