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Life According to Values / Advert - Bohemian Living

Life According to Values

My chosen subject for an identity film is my partner Oto. Oto values nature and sustainable, healthy living. My film shows how Oto lives his everyday life according to his values, and how he has come to have these values from his childhood experiences. My chosen locations were our kitchen and the local area. My props to add context were vegetables and different tools, showing him doing his everyday activities, in an eco-friendly way, like shopping for groceries and cooking. This story explains Oto own values and actions with regards to health and activities.

Advert - Bohemian Living

I shot a curated vintage jewelry editorial for a ‘Bohemian living’ online magazine. The end product is bright, colourful and lively, fun, yet elegant and feminine. I created different colour palettes for each jewellery set using various clothing, colour gels, different coloured backgrounds. Each of these colour palettes accentuated different moods and jewellery styles. I matched 3 different outfits, jewellery sets and studio settings to create cheerful, mysterious and peaceful atmospheres. Each jewellery set includes rings, bracelets and necklaces. The end result shows how each jewellery set can create different moods.

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Identity - Life According to Values
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Advert - Bohemian Living