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The Life of Bella / Sheffield Wednesday

The Life of Bella

My identity film is about a 6, turning 7, year old girl who is very energetic with a lot of hobbies. She loves dancing, gymnastics and her cat. My aim was to show her daily life behind closed doors and what life is like as a child. The first location was at her home as this is where she is most comfortable. I shot her everyday routine in various rooms in the home; waking up, choosing her clothes for the day, eating her breakfast and other mundane activities and portrayed her personality by filming her whilst doing the things she enjoys.

Sheffield Wednesday

I am going to film a Sheffield Wednesday football match with the aim to simply document and report a local event, in addition to giving the viewer an insight to the stadium grounds and show part of the match. I captured a series of establishing shots outside of the stadium, the stands and gangways, as well as shots of the fans. For audio, I used a rode mic. The audio played a big role in the film, as the chants and cheers from the crowd created meaning and complimented the imagery. It was important that I captured shots and audio from the crowd and fans as they play a huge part in the football community. My video is aimed at Sheffield Wednesday football fans but could also be used for a Sheffield tourism website such as ‘Welcome to Sheffield’.

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Life of Bella
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