Natalie Harvey Rose

Creative Practice – L6 Graphic Design


Begin the Buzz / British endangered species & wildlife / Natleepea

Begin the Buzz

For my final major project, I looked into the issues surrounding the loss of pollinators and how this impacts our agriculture, economy and environment. I found this a really interesting topic and learnt an amazing amount about just how much be benefit from our bees, butterflies and beetles. I also learnt that the pre-existing campaigns were really letting the cause down. For my creative outcome, I created a campaign that would be run by The Wildlife Trust and would set about educating and encouraging families to learn and care for our British Pollinators. I used a composition of bright flat shapes and hand-painted illustrations to give my outcome a fresh, trendy and handmade feel. This Project reflects the colours of our gardens and green spaces as well as much needed modern update to previous out dates campaigns.

British endangered species & wildlife

Project 2 For my creative practice project this year I explored the issues surrounding the use of flagship species in animal conservation campaigns. For my outcome, I created a children workbook that would help educate young kids on the issues affecting British endangered species and wildlife, through engaging actives and facts. The workbook is composed of hand-drawn images and photography reflecting the British wild environments.


Project 3 folder This piece is my self-branding graphic logo to be used for the representation of my work. The name ‘Natleepea” (nat-lee-pea) was a random nickname given to me by an old school friend. I chose it as it represents the handcrafted feel and less corporate look of my work and myself as a person.

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Begin the Buzz - Bee magazine
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Begin the Buzz - Calendar mockup
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Begin the Buzz - iphone mockup
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Begin the Buzz - Bee poster
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British endangered species & wildlife - Inside cover
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British endangered species & wildlife - Workbook inner
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British endangered species & wildlife - Workbook cover
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Natleepea branding