Marco Reynolds

L3 Graphic Design - Graphics & Web Design UAL Level 3 Extended Diploma in Art & Design


Riddick Trilogy

This project was the final major project for the second year in Graphic Design at college. I chose to do a project on films by re-designing/making modern designs for the Riddick trilogy (Pitch Black, The Chronicles of Riddick and Riddick), the films themes are sci-fi. I chose Riddick as my project because they are films I like and enjoy watching.

I redesigned the DVD covers and the CD designs to make them more modern and attractive. I also designed posters and t-shirts to complete the collection with the DVD and CD’s. Doing it in a modern style by using silhouette’s, typography, shapes, and Illustrations. I have displayed my final outcomes as mock-ups to showcase my final designs.

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Pitch Black CD Case mockup
Image 2/8
Riddick CD Case mockup
Image 3/8
Pitch Black DVD Case mockup
Image 4/8
Riddick DVD Case mockup
Image 5/8
Rib + Umbrella Poster mockup
Image 6/8
The Chronicles of Riddick CD Case mockup
Image 7/8
The Chronicles of Riddick DVD Case mockup
Image 8/8
Better Killer Poster mockup