Lucy Burley

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Identity / Magazine / Life in a Pandemic


I focused on capturing the identity and personality of a head chef in a busy restaurant. I captured the key characteristics of the chef, their passion and dedication of the craft. Using compositional techniques, I captured the location around the chef to illustrate the occupancy of the subject. I wanted to create an authentic attitude towards the image, creating a relationship between the viewer and the subject: an occupation they can relate to, and a passion they can appreciate.


My editorial, a retro fashion magazine named Motion, showcases a timeless fashion that produces a feel-good and confident message that relates to the youthful demographic. The full editorial features a male and female model wearing similar clothing (these outfits include dungarees, colourful jackets, shirts and denim jackets), including retro props, such as gaming and cameras, earrings and hair accessories (scrunchies) I used analogous colours, particularly red, red-violet and violet. I wanted these colour palettes to produce an image that emphasises the clothing and echoes the retro era.

Life in a Pandemic

The project illustrates my journey through Covid 19. I wanted to visualise personal feelings and emotions to the virus, as well as opening a political discussion connected with the worldwide pandemic. I used this time to communicate my household's adaptation to life; I captured moments in the household that highlight both the mundanities of life, as well as the wonder and intrigue that this time has given us to reflect on. I wanted the series to visualise the varied emotions that the pandemic has caused. I wanted to include the relationships I have towards my family, and our new adaptation to daily lives. I incorporated the use of technology within the series, showing the relationship we have with modern technology and its important role throughout this period.

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