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The locations for my identity shoots were KJS liveries in Killamarsh and Hillview Farm. My first shoot, Kaitlyn the equestrian, was set in the stables as Kaitlyn spends a massive part of her life there. The second, Stephen the farmer, was outdoors as I wanted to include his tractor as it is key to his livelihood. I asked him not to clean it as I wanted it to look like a working vehicle. I wanted the shoot to feature the weather as he is always out in any conditions and literally works 7 days a week in every season. I used natural light as much as possible for both to reflect the time of day, highlighting the long days both activities require. I took influence from professional photographer Matt Hernandez, his use of the rule of thirds and his clear, clean style. I also experimented with Antonio Aragón Renuncios tight framing style, to limit the background content but still convey the narrative.


My work here was a celebration of women, the title will be Empowerment. I created a set of vibrant, high contrast images that show confidence and solidarity. The ladies I shoot were all members of an alternative Burlesque dance troupe, through the medium of expressive dance, these ladies learn body confidence and the ability to express their sexuality. What is different about this particular group is they have an all-inclusive policy, women of all ages, cultures and walks of life are welcomed. No dance experience is necessary with the focus being on self discovery and empowerment. My endpoint was to showcase them as vibrant women who have transcended not only dancing, but modern body stereotypes.


My chosen publication here was Vogue. These images illustrate a fictional editorial about British fashion elitism. Models were clad in stereotypically British formal wear, but the garments were worn in an untraditional way. My shoots were based around a British upper class theme, I intended to add a creative twist to the formal look. The main model in my shoot was an eighteen year old girl. Although she is beautiful, she doesn't comply with the stereotypical fashion model demographic, she has braces on her teeth and an athletic build. I liked this, as it presents a more realistic representation of British youth. She wore a red dress to tie in with the red, white and blue colour palette, colours associated with Britain and the Union Jack, alongside a top hat and tailcoat in some.

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