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Bedroom Advert / The Lockdown - Covid19

Beenom Advert

My editorial is a video about facial products and their effectiveness on smoothing and making the skin look beautiful. This was an advert for Beenom. I focussed on skin texture and its smoothness after use. I used a white background, implemented high key techniques that gave bright even light with no shadows, making the model and products stand out. In this process, I also captured close up shots of the products to detail the brand, creating brand awareness and also making the viewer connect with the product and its application.

The Lockdown - Covid19

I shot this documentary at home telling a story of how the COVID-19 has affected a pregnant woman, Yussella, and what has come to be her day to day lifestyle. The documentary has Yussella tell how her day to day routines had to change, to suit the government's requirements for her to stay home, stay safe and save the NHS, during the state announced nation lockdown. Yussella outlines how she now lives her life, stating the positive and negative impact it has had financially, emotionally, physically and on her family.

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The Lockdown – Covid 19