Joseph Walker

L3 Games Design - UAL Games Design


Urban Environment / Haunted House / ICON

Specialism: 3D Environments

Hello, my name is Joseph Walker. I am currently a student at Sheffield College studying Games Development. Throughout the last 4 years I have been studying games development from Level 1 to Level 3. During my time on this course I was able learn the experience of being a games developer, have the pleasure of meeting new people, being able to work in groups and understand the professionalism that goes into the gaming industry, as well as what is expected of me. Overall I have enjoyed the experience that I have had on this course and while I did find some moments to be difficult, I was able to overcome these challenges and give it my best attempt and in the end, I am very proud of my course work that I have completed and I am proud of what I have achieved both on this course and in college.

Moving on to my work. Overall you will be able to see that I have presented some of my final designs/renders for some of the projects that I have worked on. First off, the asset pack project was created by me during my first year of Level 3. This was done in Maya and textured using Photoshop. This was my first time working on 3D modelling and I believe it turned out well.

The next handful of final renders show my course work throughout Level 3 Year 2. The first being my project A – Urban Environment. This project I was given the task of creating a 3D environment based in a realistic time period that was chosen by me. I decided to recreate a 3D environment based on the London blitz of WW2.

The second project was project B – Haunted house. This project I had to work in a selected group of students where I was given the task of creating a specific room of the haunted house, which I chose to be the dining room.

Finally, this brings us to the final render. This shows my final design for my final major project which I worked on this year. The final major project is the end of the course and is the last project I worked on. I decided to go with a 3D environment and create something close to me, which ended up being ICON from Blackpool Pleasure Beach. As you can see, it is a rollercoaster and with me being a massive fan of rollercoasters I wanted to create a 3D Environment of my personal favourite rollercoaster, being ICON.

Overall I am extremely proud of all my work and while you might notice it’s not the best in the world, I believe that I gave it my best under the circumstances and course work that I was given. Finally, I hope you have enjoyed reading through my short bio and other than that, please take the time to have a look at my work that I have showcased for you today and if possible please leave some feedback! Thank you and take care. Joseph Walker

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Asset Pack
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Project A - Urban Environment