Jacob Jeffcock

Creative Practice – L6 Graphic Design


Alzheimers Assist

Proposed application to assist non-professional carers who look after those suffering with Alzheimer’s. The main features of the app were based on research found to combine professional advice with a community environment for a clear and more welcoming experience.

The current websites that provide support offer plenty of advice, however are formed purely through large amounts of text. On a theoretical level, this presentation may not be convenient for everyone. Combating this problem, the application provides icons alongside sub-headings with images and video links for a more clear description on how to tackle certain complications.

The apps interface was designed to create a friendly and calming experience for the user whilst they locate the sections they require. The major concern that 3 in 4 carers have suffered with mental health problems as a result of their caring responsibilities, requires the visuals of the app to be stress-free. The specific colour choice is understood to recharge peoples spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness.

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App icon
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Home page
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Assistance pages
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Reminders pages
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Tips pages
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Leaflet front cover
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Leaflet inside pages