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Sam The Chef / Act Now

Sam The Chef

For my identity film, I chose Sam the chef. Sam is a truly passionate individual who adores his job. His enthusiasm and passion can be clearly seen through the food he produces, which made meaningful visual connections to him talking about his passion. Sam is a charismatic person, who has a good relationship with his kitchen team, this made him an ideal candidate for the interview. I filmed at Sam's place of work, The Teller., a restaurant on Abbeydale Road that serves lots of high quality tapas dishes. The aim of my video is to give an insight on Sam and his occupation, showing the audience the true passion he has for his job, and for the food he creates.

Act Now

I chose to shoot an Extinction Rebellion event. The event is called “Stop wasting our time!”. The purpose of this event is to remind the local council of their incompetence in fulfilling their promises to reduce Sheffield's emissions. The location of my shoot was Sheffield town centre. The protest took me all the way from Union street to the town hall. My aims were to fully document this event, including various amounts of different shots to show off the protest effectively. Whilst my aim was to document the event, I wanted to also spread awareness on the events topic, climate change.

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Identity - Sam the Chef
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Extinction Rebellion Act Now