Gavin White

Foundation Degree Graphic Design


Bauhaus 100 / Design Capital / Giffgaff Advert / The Vintage Club / UK Greetings Cards

Bauhaus 100

I decided to make a set of posters that showcased 12 of the Bauhaus masters. I used a black and white image of each of the masters and sparingly added accent colours. I wanted the posters to look more modern but with a contemporary twist while still keeping the timeless feel of the period. Because I was still using the old black and white photos, I decided that a secondary palette of subtle greys would complement this and add a sense of vogue.


Design Capital

An open call to design agencies is to create promotional materials and visual identity for Design Capital as a coherent entity.

For this project, I decided to make a logo for Design Capital which could then be used as a visual or corporate identity. I then made a series of posters that advertise various events around London. I made a total of 12 of these posters, you can see my design process on the link at the bottom.


Giffgaff Advert

D&AD New Blood Awards

I decided to make a promotional video that shows the viewer giffgaffs unique selling point. I used multimedia for the project and stayed within the strict guidelines of the brief. I had never made a video before and it took me several attempts to get right, however, I am happy with the final outcome. For a full breakdown of how I completed this project, you can click the link at the bottom.


The Vintage Club

From a list of fictional companies, I chose to work on the Vintage Club as my main Corporate ID project. The Vintage Club is a clothing outlet that sells high-quality vintage clothing. Whenever I hear the word “Vintage” I always think of something old and from the past. This gave me the idea to use the image of an old Singer sewing machine. This logo would form the starting point of this brief.


UK Greetings Cards

For this project I made 2 different types of greeting cards, I began by making a list of different types of greetings such as birthdays or weddings and then made a second list of themes such as aliens or dinosaurs, etc. My full design process can be viewed on the link below. 

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Bauhaus 100 Artwork 1
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Bauhaus 100 Artwork 2
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Design Capital Logo
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Design Capital Poster
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Giffgaff Advert