Emma Jackson

L3 Art - Extended Diploma in 3D Design


Sustainable Housing / Thornberry Animal Sanctuary

The final major project of my first year at college was a sustainable building of our choice, I chose to do a family house and show how it can be sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and functional. The design has a water collection system that is stored on the side of the house that doubles as a seat so the space isn’t wasted and doesn’t ruin the aesthetic of the curves throughout the architecture, but also has the ability to move water through into the house, where the kitchen island holds the water filter system and stores clean water for whatever is needed in the house. There is also custom shape solar panel on the roof that again carries on the curved theme. In my second year of college, we were given 3 choices (punk, hip hop, and Russian constructivism) to design a shop interior for Off-White. While doing my research on punk I looked more into steam punk and wanted to go down that road while also keeping the minimal style of existing Off-White stores. I think this project was very successful as the theme is subtle but clear and the iconic minimalist theme was still there so your focus is on the products for sale rather than a busy interior. And overall my favourite part of this design in the signature Off-White tag on the shops sign as it adds a memorable, unique touch.

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