Emily Seggar

L3 Photography


Photography Level 3

Throughout the 2nd year of the course, Level 3 students develop the creative and technical skills they have learnt in the 1st year.
Students are given set briefs throughout the year which they are asked to interpret in their own way. The briefs are written to allow students to flex their creative muscle both in the studio and on location using research to inform their practice, develop conceptual ideas and use technical skills to produce final outcomes. It is expected that they will find their strengths along this 2nd year journey and use them to write their own Final Major Project and decide on available progression routes either in higher education or within the industry which best suit those strengths.
The Project titles are generic to allow students to explore ideas through thorough research, leading to a proposal which states their intentions for each given brief.
Titles include:
Creative Still Life (Studio)
Recreating Portraits (advanced studio)
Utopia Dystopia (location)
Photojournalism (location)
Magazine editorial (studio/location)
The images you see are from a selection of the above.

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