Emily Hodgson

L3 Games Design - UAL Games Design


Specialism: Character Art

A huge factor in my dream to become a Character Artist was the art style used in Telltale games. This resulted in me using the skills I developed throughout my time on the course to create a head sculpt in this style - Steve Moore (a former Character Artist at Telltale) even complimented the model on my Artstation!

My second year FMP involved creating a more realistic model and was a great chance to learn how to make hair cards for my character to achieve a more realistic look.

For the Sumo Digital game jam this Summer, I worked in a team, with my focus being on Character Art. Part of this involved making a 3D style test for the protagonist, inspired by the process used for ‘Backwater Gospel’ (2011). Participating in this enabled me to further my ability to work as part of a team and under time constraints.

Following College, I aim to further my understanding of anatomy, and explore other ways of modelling characters. Using traditional forms like clay alongside my digital work and sculpting the entirety of a model in software like Mudbox are some of the ways I plan to improve further.

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Style test
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Telltale inspired head sculpture
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Little Red Riding Hood