Connor Dickinson

L3 Games Design - UAL Games Design


Haunted House

Specialisation: Environment Lighting

I’m Connor Dickinson a self-doubting individual that dreams to create games for the future generations that might be remembered for generations to come and knowing that it might be a game that I might hate it’s still a game.

I like many others have danced my way through the hurdles that the game design course has to offer, showing each other’s weaknesses and strengths over the years and allowed us to work on those weaknesses, but sometimes that’s easier said than done.

The work I chose to show for my “work presentation” is the work I think is my current best, it’s the haunted house project in which we attempted to model and create our own version of a haunted house. The process of this project was that we had to form a team of four, in this team we each chose a particular room which was in this said house such as, living room, kitchen, dining room and the main hall. (entrance to the household) I chose to try and do the dining room which is the render and video below.

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Single render of the room
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