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Advert / Elsecar Heritage Centre Antiques Fair / My Life in Lockdown


I chose to do a front cover and two double page perfume ads for ‘Muse’ magazine with a ‘glam rock’ theme. I chose this magazine because I came across it while researching magazines previously and although it is not one of the most well known in the fashion genre, I liked the style and wanted to create a simple yet effective look. I have chosen to use two dark coloured perfume bottles to go along with my rock type theme.

Elsecar Heritage Centre Antiques Fair

I produced a series of photographs aimed at a local audience. I mixed close up shots of stalls and wide shots of the whole event from different angles. I didn’t want staged images, I wanted them to just do what they’re doing as if I wasn't there. I captured images of people browsing the stalls inside, talking and purchasing items. I didn't want the final images to be bold with bright colours, since there were lots of vintage items for sale, I kept in theme with this and had warm tones that are a little desaturated, in a sepia style.

My Life in Lockdown

I am a key worker who worked throughout the pandemic, but this is something I will not be documenting due to data protection reasons. For this project, I will document what I have been doing day to day throughout the coronavirus pandemic in a photojournalistic type of approach. I took pictures of my mum, stepdad and cats at home as I isolated with them. I took photos of the walks I went on every now and then to Locke Park and when I took trips to the supermarket for essentials.

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Elsecar Heritage Centre Antiques Fair
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