Charlotte Allen

L3 Art - Extended Diploma in 3D Design


A Modern Refurbishment

Project Proposal

Throughout the past units of the qualification, I have learnt many new skills and developed my understanding in these skills which has therefore improved my work throughout the course. I have learnt how to use Adobe Photoshop, how to create an isometric drawing and how to fully annotate my work in order to express my ideas clearly to an audience. Now that I understand these skills, I really enjoy creating isometrics and editing images on Photoshop and as I keep practicing this my work continues to improve which feels very rewarding.  The enjoyment I have for the skills required for the 3D pathway influenced my choice. 

My intentions for this project are to focus on re-designing a restaurant that is now permanently closed in Sheffield. The restaurant, Damons, has a unique circular shape and I intend to revamp the building whilst keeping its circular design, I also want there to be an element of sustainable energy incorporated into the restaurant. I plan to collect primary and secondary research. For my primary research, I intend to visit HeeleyCity Farm where the South Yorkshire Energy Centre is located. I will visit the location of the buildingto collect images of its exterior and also visit restaurants and other facilities nearby. I will also find images of the previous interior of the building then research existing restaurants across Sheffield and even across the worldfor secondary research. Vegan and vegetarian cuisine is very popular at the moment so I aim to look into this and research the natural form theme. I also want to look into Moorish architecture and Art Deco for my other to themes. I will produce sketches, detailed drawings and drawings using CAD to develop my ideas. I will also create many sketch models and a small scale model of my final design. I will finalize this project by creating a digital design board to present my work and ideas for clients.   

To record my decision making and planning the layout of my sketchbook I will use a small notebook and also the notes section on my phone to create a checklist of the things I need to complete. I will reflect on my work by looking at my checklist and writing an evaluation/summary of my work, have one to one sessions with my tutor and create smart targets on pro portal. 

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