Benjamin Shepherd

Creative Practice – L6 Graphic Design



The brief was to identify a world issue and design and create an artefact and design response to this issue. The issue identified was the rise in racism in football and the solution / response is a brand / campaign that football supporters want to get involved with and be a part off and represent anti racism. The goal was to create a style and look to the brand that football football fans can relate to and want to wear, with it not only being a campaign but a clothing line including t-shirt, polo shirts, jumpers etc. This means supporters can help the anti racism with also buying in a style and a brand. This is in an attempt to bring the anti racism message throughout stadium in a way football fans can be involved in. Along with the clothing line and brand is a new app reporting system, again targeted at football supporters to anonymously report any discrimination and racism instantly to try and deal with the incidents quicker.

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App mockup
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Bag mockup
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Gift voucher mockup
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Magazine mockup
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Logo mockup
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T-shirt mockup
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Store 1 mockup